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Work with a Sex Toy Distributor in Canada


The Importance of a Reliable Distributor When Starting a Sex Toy Business

Launching a sex toy shop requires a strategic partnership with a distributor proficient in adult toys and lingerie. Indeed, a reliable supplier offers a comprehensive inventory, including vibrators, dildos, and more, critical for a diverse product range, but also ensures smooth order processing, efficient freight handling, and provides excellent customer service.

New sex toy entrepreneurs can benefit from a distributor's expertise in merchandising, sales strategies, and ecommerce support, essential for maximizing sales and meeting customer desire in the competitive world of online shopping for pleasure products.

Start and grow your sex toy business with SexShopMaster

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What Makes SexShopMaster the #1 Choice for Sex Toy Distribution in Canada?

Over 3,000 Adult Products of Every Category Imaginable

SexShopMaster, through partnerships with distribution companies in Canada, boasts an extensive catalog of over 3,000 adult products, including brand name vibrators, dildos, cockrings, strapons, BDSM gear and much more. This variety allows our partner retailers to cater to a wide range of sexual exploration, from g-spot stimulation to clitoral pleasure, enhancing the shopping experience for customers seeking both pleasure and desire.

Quality, Safe Sex Items by Industry Leaders

SexShopMaster prioritizes safety and quality when choosing suppliers and distributors, offering silicone-based toys, state-of-the-art lubrication, and body-safe materials. Their inventory includes popular items like rabbit vibrators, cock rings, and strap-ons, ensuring a top-notch selection for retailers and wholesalers alike.

Full Shipping and Payment Systems

SexShopMaster offers a platform that integrates with each distributor's logistics, offering advanced order processing and efficient freight services. With options like dropshipping, our retailer partners do not need to manage their inventory and cart system! They can focus on building their presence without worrying about timely shipment of products, from remote control vibrators to bondage gear.

Get All You Need to Start an Adult Toy Company with SexShopMaster

SexShopMaster supports future retailers in starting an adult toy company with comprehensive services including ecommerce solutions, marketing assistance, and sales support. Their approach simplifies shopping for sex toys, from clitoral stimulators to anal sex products.

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Popular Sex Toys Available in Canada

Canada's adult toy market thrives on diversity, offering something for every desire and preference.

Dildos are perennial favorites, with a range from silicone models to realistic designs, catering to both vaginal and anal use. We also give access to strapon dildos!

Vibrators, particularly clitoral and g-spot types, are crucial. Options include everything from classic designs to high-tech remote control and rabbit vibrators.

Anal Toys
Anal toys like butt plugs and beads are in demand, offering a variety of sizes and styles for different levels of anal play experience.

Masturbators provide a diverse personal pleasure experience, from simple designs to advanced models, catering to the growing market for male-focused toys.

Sex Lingerie
Lingerie ranges from classic bras and panties to bondage-inspired pieces, adding a sensual layer to the shopping experience and catering to varied tastes.

And Many More Adult Sex Products!
SexShopMaster’s range includes best sellers in every category, from g-spot focused toys to BDSM essentials. Retailers can find everything, including butt plugs, lesbian-focused toys, and fetishism products, ensuring a diverse and appealing inventory.
Start your own sex toy company with expert mentoring - Contact SexShopMaster today!

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Questions to Ask Your Distributor

Are There Products for All Genders and Sexual Orientations?

SexShopMaster offers a wide range of toys, including those designed for different genders and sexual orientations, like lesbian-focused toys and universal sellers like honey-flavored lubrication and sexy bras.

What Is the Pricing of Sex Toys?

Competitive pricing is a hallmark of SexShopMaster, ensuring retailers can offer customers the best price on everything from clitoral stimulators to masturbators!

How Often Do SexShopMaster’s Distributors Update Their Product Line?

SexShopMaster frequently updates its catalog, adding multiple new products monthly, ensuring retailers have access to the latest in masturbation toys, brand name products, and state-of-the-art sexual exploration tools.

Can a Distributor Help Me with Online Marketing and Sales?

Absolutely. SexShopMaster aids retailers in online marketing and sales, utilizing a dropshipping model that simplifies the process of selling adult toys online, driving ecommerce success.

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